The Solutionware business was purchased on the 31st of July 2017 by Extreme Networks.

For all matters relating to Solutionware prior to 31st please contact Lee Blyth at

For all support from the 1st of August please call Extreme Networks on (03) 97857162 or contact us on the form below.

Our aim is to make the transition for the Solutionware team and Solutionware customers as smooth as possible with business as usual for the first month, followed a gradual migration to the Extreme way of IT. We expect that this will involve higher levels of services, a wider range of solutions and overall a lower monthly price.

Extreme Networks was founded in 1999, and currently has a team of 21 people, across a range of disciplines to help us achieve our Mission of solving small business problems. Located on the Mornington Peninsula, we have a range of small business customers throughout Australia.

We have a number of areas of expertise:

IT Support – we have a team of 10 engineers and systems administrators, providing IT support, server and workstation administration
Strategic IT consulting – we believe that your IT plan is always subordinate to your business plan. IT should make your
Web Development – We take a strategic approach to web development. We analyse the customer segments that our customers have and work out best way to attract the highest margin customers. Our approach is very different to the standard approach for building sites because it is focused on business outcomes.
Online Marketing – unlike many companies offering online marketing services, we believe that if a company is any good at building online businesses they would build their own online business. We haven’t built one business, we have built 2. We own, Australia’s largest free and independent 4WD website with around 220,000 visits per month and, Australia’s largest Restaurant Marketing company, with customers in 10 countries. We use a range of techniques to build these businesses, including Search Engine Optimisation, Facebook Marketing and Podcasting. We also share the lessons that we have learned with our customers, in a series of free seminars that go into the techniques we have used to build these businesses.

We have 4 key values, Fun Learning, Communication and Ownership.

We believe that it should be fun for you to deal with an IT company. We have simple processes that allow you to get the support that you need for you to be able to run your business with IT supporting your business, not hindering it.
Running a small business is very tough – there are a lot of things that you need to be an expert in. We are the experts in IT but we are passionate about training your team to perform the common IT tasks yourselves. This results in cheaper and more efficient IT support. We try to teach each of our customers something new every day. This includes our seminar series, we run free seminars for our customer on how to grow your business. These generally aren’t IT related, but where we share the skills that we have learned in growing our businesses.
Communication – we always try to communicate openly and honestly. We hire engineers who can talk to business owners in clear language without any IT technospeak.
Ownership. We act as your IT support, Systems Administrators and virtual CIOs. We will work to understand your business so that we can help you understand how technology can make a difference in the way you run your business. We take ownership of the issues that you have and will work to solve them for you quickly and efficiently.

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